Empowering Children Through Community Support: How We Sustain Our Mission

At our core, we are driven by the desire to provide children with enriching and educational play experiences. To achieve this, we rely on various means of support, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our resources. If you have a fundraising idea to share, we welcome your input and collaboration.

Our Commitment to Financial Sustainability:

  1. GIVE-A-LITTLE Page: Discover our dedicated GIVE-A-LITTLE page by searching for "Waimairi Toy Library." Your contributions on this platform directly fuel our efforts to bring joy and learning to children.

  2. Toy Library Federation of New Zealand: We proudly hold membership in the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand, a vital network encompassing over 200 toy libraries across the country. This alliance provides essential managerial guidance and support, ensuring the seamless day-to-day operations of our library.

  3. Membership Fees: The funds generated through membership fees are thoughtfully allocated toward acquiring new toys and covering the operational expenses of the library. Your support directly translates into enhanced offerings for our young members.

  4. Toy Rental Fees and Overdue Fines: The charges associated with toy rentals and overdue fines also play a significant role in sustaining the library's operations. These contributions contribute to the continuous availability and maintenance of our diverse toy collection.

  5. Vital Donor Organizations: Our operations are bolstered by the generosity of donor organizations, some of which are highlighted below. Through their grants and contributions, we are empowered to address specific expenses crucial to our functioning.

We recognize that our impact extends beyond the confines of our physical space, and it is your support that makes it possible for us to provide a nurturing environment for children's growth and exploration. Join us in our mission, and together, let's create lasting memories and foster a love for learning through play.


 We sell toys that have started to show wear and tear, ones that have not been regularly hired in the past year and those which may have a few too many missing pieces. Any money raised is plugged back into the library.