Membership Options

Explore the Benefits of Joining Our Toy Library Community

Unlock a world of fun and learning for your family with our annual membership options:

  1. Standard Membership: $90 for the year, or a discounted rate of $65 for Community Services Card holders. Our membership year operates on a rolling basis, ensuring you enjoy a full 12 months of benefits regardless of your sign-up date.

  2. Casual Membership: For those seeking flexible borrowing options, our casual membership offers a convenient solution. Pay a refundable security bond of $50, and enjoy borrowing toys at just $5 per toy per fortnight. This option is perfect for families and grandparents without young children at home, yet want to create memorable experiences for visiting loved ones during holidays and special occasions. There are no restrictions on how short or long you can remain a casual member.

As a voluntary organization, we thrive through collective support and cooperation. Your involvement plays a vital role in keeping our toy library vibrant and accessible. Standard membership holders contribute by participating in four to six duties annually, depending on our membership count for the year.

Choose the membership that suits your family's needs and be part of our community dedicated to fostering joy, imagination, and growth. Casual members can embrace hassle-free borrowing without duty obligations, making it an excellent choice for those seeking convenience.

Join us today and embark on a journey of shared experiences, learning, and endless play possibilities. Your support fuels our mission to provide enriching moments for all members.