Our team

Welcome to the heart of the Waimairi Toy Library – a dedicated committee of volunteers who create enchantment, one smile at a time. Join our dynamic community of change-makers and play enthusiasts, where your time and energy spark countless moments of joy and learning for children and families.

Our diverse committee shares a common vision: to cultivate a haven of play, exploration, and growth. From imaginative toy curation to seamless coordination, these exceptional volunteers shape unforgettable playtime experiences.

Your unique talents find a home here, whether you're a creative visionary, a logistics whiz, or a warm, welcoming presence. Together, we're crafting a story of growth, responsibility, and shared delight that stretches beyond our walls.

Ready to be part of something special? Join our committee, shape young minds, and contribute to a greener future. Visit our Membership page to embark on this incredible journey.

We also have Scarlett, our devoted toy librarian. With a touch of magic, she curates our ever-evolving toy collection, sparking curiosity and endless joy. Scarlett's warm smile and guidance transform each visit into an unforgettable adventure. As a friend, mentor, and endless source of inspiration, she embodies the spirit of the Waimairi Toy Library.

Celebrate Scarlett's commitment to enriching lives as you explore our wonder-filled toy library. Each toy carries a magical touch, inviting your child into a world of growth and unbridled fun. As the guardian of dreams and laughter at the Waimairi Toy Library, Scarlett presence radiates the magic within our walls, beckoning you into a realm where play knows no bounds.